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What is the block made from?

Our blocks are 100% produced and sourced from North American ingredients.
Each block contains Hardwood, bran, and mycelium (that’s the root structure of
mushrooms). All 100% organic. All manure free. All yummy.

How many mushrooms will I get? 

Every block & every flush will differ, however each block can flush 2-4 times! Lower yields suggest low humidity, so it’s important to maintain proper humidity levels. 

What humidity levels should be maintained?

Shiitake & Lions Mane – 85% Humidity, consistently 

Oyster – 90% or more prior to pinning, then reduced to 70% after pins develop

My block is already growing mushrooms when I open the box. Is that normal? 

Yes! All 3 mushroom blocks tend to grow prior to set up. The mycelium is just excited to start growing. Simply remove the pins (shiitake) or remove the exterior growth, taping up any holes (oyster & lions mane), then proceed with setting up the block.

I've followed the instructions and my block is not growing. Is it defective? 

The instructions are a guideline and may need to be tweaked depending on your climate. Ensure your block has access to light, fresh air exchange and proper humidity. 

My block has started growing blue/green mold. Is this normal? 

Blue/green mold is not normal. It can indicate contamination and the block must be discarded at this point. To prevent mold growth, limit pooling water in the bag after soaking and provide fresh air exchange (but not too much that the block dries out). Shiitake should soak for 4-8 hours, no longer. Oyster can soak for 12-24 hours.

My shiitake only grew 1-4 mushrooms, is that normal? 

Low yields can suggest that the environment was off, however it might have been too wet or too dry. We recommend drying out the block for 2 weeks, then attempting the 2nd flush. 

My Lions Mane are turning brown before they mature. Why is that and how can I prevent it? 

The Lions Mane mushroom should not be misted directly. It’s important to mist inside the humidity tent, but do not mist the mushroom itself. Yellowing indicates maturity, so you want to harvest before yellowing begins. 

My oysters pin but then shrivel. Why is that and how can I prevent it?

If there is too much block exposed, you might have a ton of pins start growing, but then they ‘abort’ (dry out), never reaching maturity. At this point, remove the pins and wait for new growth. It’s also important to maintain humidity for this mushroom. They will not produce if the block dries out, for even 1 hour. A hygrometer is highly recommended for this block.

What is the shelf life of the kit and how do I store it? 

The shelf life is about 2 months, but can be extended to 6 months if left in the fridge. Cold temperatures slow down mycelium colonization, extending the shelf life of your block.

How many cuts can I make on my Lions Mane or Oyster block? 

Lions Mane – Make 1 ‘X’ cut in the whitest area of the block. After a couple days of misting, make a 2nd ‘X’ cut in another area where you notice mycelium colonizing. Do not exceed 2 cuts and do not cut into the substrate

Oyster – Make 1 4” slice, diagonally across the block. Do not cut into the substrate

Do I keep the top part of the block unrolled while I grow? 

No. For Lions Mane, leave the top part of the bag unrolled to help the mycelium colonize, but roll it back down and secure it to the block when you’re ready to start growing. 

For Oyster, always make sure that the top of the bag is secured down. Limit the exposure of the block so that energy is focused on growing the mushrooms through the cuts you made, not at the top of the block where they can become trapped. 


How quickly will I receive my product?

Products tend to ship within 48 hours of the order placement and can take 3-5 days for shipping.


How do I return an item?

We allow returns unless otherwise noted on the product page. Return apparel items must be unwashed, unworn, clean, and like-new.  Music items must be unopened and like-new. Returns must be sent back within 60 days of the original order delivery date.

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Returns must be sent back within 60 days of the order delivery date.

We reserve the right to deny a return pending the condition of the item(s) returned.