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Mistercap’s is a mushroom-forward, wellness brand founded by Wiz Khalifa to promote healthy living via natural organic mushrooms.

Our mission is to increase interest in the health benefits of mushrooms by creating more ways for people to incorporate them into their lives, nutrition and wellbeing. With our home grow kits, people will experience the entire life cycle of a mushroom from mycelium to meal. 

The name "Mistercap” is Wiz's nickname and to this day, his close friends continue to call him Mistercap. 

Wiz has grown increasingly interested in health, nutrition and wellness. He even travels on tour with his own weight set. Since incorporating mushrooms into his life, he has felt the impact of their benefits and has made it one of his goals to spread the word.

Mistercap's is also a proud sponsor of the Fungi Foundation. 2% of all proceeds will go to the Fungi Foundation, the first global charity dedicated exclusively to the study and conservation of fungi. In 2021 the Fungi Foundation launched its Fungi Education Curriculum—the world's first curriculum designed to introduce the study of mycology into middle and high schools. Mistercap's is directly supporting that program.